Globally, approximately 16% of companies are fully remote, and 62% of workers report working from home at least occasionally. Are you on the fence about global recruitment? Are you worried about the potential challenges associated with managing a remote team?

With the rise of globalization and remote work, it's becoming more common for companies to hire employees from different countries and cultures. However, many myths and misconceptions surrounding global hiring can make the process seem intimidating or impossible. 

In this article, we'll explore some of the most common global hiring myths and why they're not necessarily true so you can grow your global team with facts instead of fiction. 

Myth #1: Global hiring isn't necessary

Some business owners assume that global hiring isn't necessary because they can find talented people in their area. While this is technically true, limiting yourself to local talent could interfere with your company's long-term success.

By opening up the talent pool to include professionals from all over the world, you can connect with skilled people who can help you enhance productivity, improve performance, and boost your company's bottom line. Plus, with local talent shortages on the rise, global hiring may truly be necessary to continue your operations in the future.  

Myth #2: Global hiring requires you to establish an entity abroad

Many professionals assume they have to establish an entity abroad before they can act as legal employers in specific locations. That's not the case if you work with an Employer of Record (EOR)

These organizations help you hire employees abroad without any administrative hurdles. They're incorporated in various countries, meaning they can hire employees and handle all the legal and administrative tasks for you. (Psst… We're a global EOR. Learn more here.)

Myth #3: Global hiring is time-consuming and expensive

If you're worried about your budget or how you'll fit time for recruiting into your schedule, consider outsourcing the global hiring process to a third-party organization. (We do international recruitment, too! Learn more here). 

Keep in mind that global hiring can actually be faster than local hiring in some cases. Depending on the specific skills you need, you might be able to fill a vacancy sooner if you expand your search rather than looking exclusively for people who live in your area.

Myth #4: Local employees are more successful than global ones

Some people worry about the potential cultural clashes that can come with hiring international talent. It's true that, when hiring remote workers, you have to consider cultural norms and communication differences. However, global workers can be just as successful — if not more so — than local ones.

As long as they have the necessary skills and are willing to work as part of a team, there's no reason they can't be just as successful as your local hires. 

Myth #5: Global hiring is only for large businesses

You don't have to run a massive corporation to hire globally. In fact, global hiring can be especially beneficial for smaller businesses and start-ups.

By casting a wider net and recruiting top-tier talent from around the world, you can connect with experienced, skilled professionals who know how to help you scale your business and set it up for long-term success without breaking the bank.    

Myth #6: Global hiring doesn't work for management positions

You might be on board with global hiring for lower-level positions, but you might be concerned about this practice for management and leadership roles.

First, remember that people from all countries and cultures can be great leaders. Second, global hiring creates more diversity within your organization. Diverse management encourages diversity throughout the rest of the company, which allows you to learn from people with different perspectives and cater to a larger audience.

Myth #7: Global hiring takes jobs away from local workers

Some people argue that global hiring takes positions away from local talent. However, that's not usually the case. Typically, companies hire globally because they can't find local job seekers to fill the gaps.

Don't forget that hiring skilled employees from across the globe can also help your company thrive and grow faster, creating more opportunities for local and international jobs. 

Myth #8: Global hiring requires the same strategies as local hiring

Global hiring isn't necessarily more complex or time-consuming than local hiring. However, it does require a different approach.

To cater to job seekers from other countries, you'll likely need to adjust your job listing to make it more appealing. You may also need to highlight different aspects of your company, such as your diversity, equity and inclusion policies. 

Myth #9: Remote employees are less productive

One of the most noteworthy benefits of globalization and remote work is that it can actually boost employee productivity. One study showed that 90% of remote workers believe their productivity level is at least as high as when they work in a traditional office (if not even higher). 

Myth #10: Effective communication is impossible for global teams

Remote work does present some communication challenges, especially when you factor in different languages and time zones. However, it's very possible for international teams to communicate effectively.

With the right technology, leaders can easily send messages, assign tasks and foster connections with their employees. Their employees can also collaborate and build stronger relationships with each other. 

Myth #11: Global employees don't stick with companies long-term

Some business owners are wary of global hiring because they worry that international employees won't be as loyal to their company.

In reality, employee retention is a challenge for all employers, not just remote companies or those with a global staff. You can encourage loyalty and long-term retention by providing a positive company culture and prioritizing employee development.

Simplify the global hiring process with Outstaffer

If you're ready to move forward with global hiring, Outstaffer can help. 

As an Employer-of-Record, we make it simple to recruit, hire, onboard and manage global employees in just a few clicks (no local entity or outsourcing required). We also offer essential tools like Managed Devices, Time and Attendance Tracking, and VR workplaces so your global team has everything they need to thrive.  

Want to learn more? Book a demo today.

Mar 31, 2023
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