Hire the best people no matter where they live with Outstaffer.com

Supported by advanced machine learning and our automated technology, our global recruitment team will find and match the best talent for your job.

Reach Top Candidates

We leverage our global talent bank of 250,000+ to quickly and effectively reach top candidates.

Interview Pre-Screened Talent

Get a shortlist of pre-screened and interviewed, high-quality candidates to interview and make the final decision.

Reduce Hiring Costs

With Outstaffer.com, you’ll save up to 50% on recruitment agency fees.


Recruiting with Outstaffer is easy

Tell us what you need

We’ll understand your job requirements and drive alignment early to avoid surprises down the line. From in-demand to niche skills, we've got a vast global talent pool.


We’ll connect you with the best talent

Our recuirtment team will soruce, screen, interview and connect you with the best talent for your job.

Choose your best fit

Our process is transparent, from detailed candidate profiles to video interview recordings you can watch anytime. Conduct live online interviews before deciding who you want to hire.


Hiring and Onboarding

Tell us who you want to hire and we’ll handle the rest and make sure your new team member is willing, able and ready to work.


Our people are your people

Our team of recruiters are on the ground and ready to find the right talent for your role.

Our Recruitment Expertise

No matter if you need one person, a team or multiple divisions, we’re here to help you find the best talent.


Benefits of recruiting with Outstaffer.com

Global talent pool

Don’t let your location limit your hiring pool. Hire the best person for the job regardless of where they live.

Access the skills you need

Solve skill shortages and fill vacant positions with direct access to over 250,000 skilled employees from around the world.

Fast placement

With our global talent bank and experienced recruiters, we streamline the hiring process to fill your positions quickly.

Leverage global labor arbitrage

Meet your payroll budget without sacrificing employee quality. We make it easy to take advantage of the price differences of different labor markets.

EOR + WFA Technology

Eliminate the hassle and compliance concerns of hiring  talent aboard. With our local legal entities, we handle the Employer of Record and provide all the WorkFromAnywhere tech your employees need to succeed.

Amazingly simple pricing

Simple, transparent pricing with no hidden fees or markups, You’ll pay one flat recurring subscription for each employee.

Find and hire talent from around the world

We make growing remote and international teams simple and easy. Ready to get started?