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Outstaffer is indeed a great place to work. It is a kind of company that not only practice open communication but also looks after the welfare of its employees. They always aim to provide the best employee and customer experience that a company can offer and even go beyond that. I’m very grateful with Outstaffer as they have always been supportive of me and made me feel that I am being valued and that my opinion and ideas matter. I am very happy to be part of this growing family.

Ahra Penes
/Onboarding Specialist, Cavite, Philippines
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I have always wanted to grow with my company and be a part of the organization that understands the importance of supporting and investing in their people. Joining has been one of the best decisions of my life. The management has a great ability to tap the potential in their employees and put us in a place where we can succeed. One of the great things about Outstaffer is its open and transparent culture. Senior Management is alaways approachable and receptive to new ideas. You get a chance to grow with your own efforts and dream big. This gives you an immense opportunity to exercise your abilities, reaffirm yourself and contribute to a growing company. It is my privilege to work in a group of very talented, motivated individuals who are ready to give advice, share knowledge, and help me perform my best.

Michael Johnson
/Team Leader, Finance, Denver, USA
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Outstaffer has great enthusiasm and great people. They provide instant gratification for every achievements you do and it is recognized almost immediately throughout the workforce. I'm glad to be part of this organization as it really shows how much growth can potentially happen during your stay here.

Arvin Agustin
/Account Coordinator, Manila, Philippines
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Outstaffer is a great company to work with! All managers, staff and even the owner of the company is approachable. They provide a good training with the new hires, and made sure that everyone was introduced properly with the whole team and gets to meet the CEO too. I really consider myself lucky to be part of this team. Overall experience was great and I cant wait to spend more years working for this company!

Efreel Datu
/Consultant Care Associate, Laguna, Philippines
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Outstaffer is a wonderful place to work! I started with the company in January 2020 and couldn't be happier. This organization really understands the importance of teamwork from all levels. The people, the energy and the efficiency within Outstaffer makes for a wonderful working experience.

Naveen Saini
/UX Designer , Nodia, India
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Everyone is so approachable and every training I received is detail-oriented and relevant. I've leart a lot of things here in and it is a great place to work.

Judian Mirandilla
/HR Associate, Cavite, Philippines
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Applicants in general accepts an offer based on the offer and benefits. They stay and perform within a company because of the culture. This pretty much sums up my career in Outstaffer. Being able to work from anywhere, getting really good compensation and benefits, and having to work with some of the best and nicest people in the recruitment industry.

Mark Garcia
/Recruitment Operations Program Manager, Bulacan, Philippines
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People here are really approachable. You feel like you can go to anyone with any questions – especially difficult ones as people are passionate about what they do. My manager has been very supportive since day one, entrusting me with a lot of responsibility which I didn’t have in previous roles. It’s given me trust that Outstaffer will always be available when I need support. Outstaffer is also great at understanding that employees need a work/life balance and have offered flexible hours when I’ve needed them. It’s really interesting to see how far Outstaffer as come since its formation and that it’s got exciting ideas for the future.

Denis Zabelin
/UX/UI Designer , Kharkiv Region, Ukraine
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I am grateful to be part of this wonderful company that values work-life balance. The complete work from home setup is definitely my favorite part of being with Outstaffer, because it shows that they put their complete trust that each one of us can be productive & that we can deliver good performance even when we are working remotely

Charmaine Luna
/Senior Technical Recruiter, Quezon City, Philippines
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I had five non-negotiable conditions: a company that inspires me, a product that I feel passionate about, a position that challenges me and stretches me into different areas, management that encourages and empowers me to do my best and great work environment and team spirit. Outstaffer fulfils all these points. It’s a company that inspires me. It’s forward-thinking. I like the mindset and culture, and being part of a team that gives its best to make remote working the norm and bring forward new technology. For me, this is more than a job. I’m investing my time, my knowledge and experience in a company that is investing in me.

Alan Plato
/Account Executive , Brisbane, Australia
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The Outstaffer Mission

Learn about our Vision and Mission for the Future of Work

Our vision is to enable every business to #HireFromEverywhere and every person on the planet to #WorkFromAnywhere.

Our mission is to enable companies to overcome the limits of their local talent pool. We do this by building software that makes it amazingly simple to find, hire, pay and equip #TalentFromAnywhere compliantly.

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Our Core Values

Our core values are deeply ingrained principles that guide our actions and culture

Users Rule

We puts the user first, prioritizing their needs and experiences in all aspects of Outstaffer operations.


We take end-to-end accountability for seeing our work through and delivering on our commitments.


Excellence is in our DNA. We value craftsmanship and are dedicated to consistently produce great work


Scaleups are tumultuous places and the ambitious nature of our goals may lead to occasional failure. We view setbacks as opportunities to hone our skills and grow stronger.

Continuous Improvement

We are dedicated to continual learning and advancement, welcoming change and embracing innovation to remain at the forefront of progress.


We value honesty and openness, nurturing a culture of trust and accountability both internally and externally

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Our offer to you

Joining a scale-up means that you will take an active part in shaping your own role. With a humble approach, you will take ownership and drive your area of interest forward. Together with the rest of us, you will contribute towards shaping the direction of our company moving forward!

Why Outstaffer

Other things we offer!

A well thought out onboarding program
An exciting week where you’ll meet the founder, representatives from all parts of the organization and learn about our story, mission, values and culture. You will be introduced to the way we act, talk and what we believe in. You will learn about our product and, most importantly, the people behind it.
Personal development
We believe in the power of community and know that we can achieve so much more if we work together as a team. We believe in fostering a culture where inclusion, openness and collaboration are at the heart of what we do. We help each other when times get tough and we celebrate together when we reach our goals. Team wins!
A strong company culture
Did we say that we like to have fun? Welcome to the company of themed events, parties, after works, company trips, workouts, hackatons and FredagsFika. We never miss an opportunity to celebrate or do something fun together!
Be a part of something special
Join our journey and create history together with us! We know that each and everyone of us are important for our growth and will have the chance to impact our business and future - for real.


About Outstaffer

Learn more about working at Outstaffer

Founded in 2020 by an experienced entrepreneur, we quickly gained traction after fully embracing the new ways of working. Since then, we have grown from a startup-challenger to becoming an industry leader in Global Employment and #WorkFromAnywhere technology.

We do this by making it simple and easy for enterprises to find, hire and employ talent from around the world. Using our #WorkFromAnywhere technology, we enable people and enterprises to work remotely together in the same virtual workplace, safely and securely.
Founded in 2020
Coworks: Hundreds and growing daily