Later this week, we’re launching our Global Workforce Platform (GWP). It’s a huge step for Outstaffer and an even bigger step for global employment. 

But what is a Global Workforce Platform, and what can it do for your company? 

What is a Global Workforce Platform? 

A Global Workforce Platform is a type of software that enables you to find, hire, equip and pay top employees from around the globe in just a few clicks. Whether you’re trying to overcome the talent shortage, navigate rising salaries, or scale your global footprint – our GWP has you covered.  

Let’s talk a bit about some of the things you’ll be able to do from the Outstaffer GWP: 

Find top talent from around the world. 

With our GWP, you can quickly fill out job requisitions for your toughest-to-fill positions. Once you submit a job requisition on our platform, we go to work to find top global talent that meets your qualifications. 

We’ll send you resumes, help conduct interviews, and work collaboratively with you throughout the recruitment process. You can monitor your job posts, applicants, and the status of everything right from the Global Workforce Platform. 

Hire top talent from anywhere legally.

Whether you found an employee through our platform or found them yourself, you can use the GWP to employ them compliantly with the click of a button. 

As a global EOR, we enable you to hire employees in other countries compliantly. We handle legality, taxes, local labour laws, payroll, and more – while you maintain control of the day-to-day. (Learn more about what an EOR is and how it works here). 

We’ve always been an EOR, but now, with our GWP, we’re automating the process and eliminating the complexity. In just a couple of clicks, you can hire the perfect candidate and manage their employment all from one platform. 

Track the entire process. 

From job requisitions and sifting through candidates to hiring, onboarding and beyond – you can track the entire process right from the GWP. In many ways, we’re just elevating what we’ve always done and giving you even more transparency and insight into the platform. 

Whereas before, we’d keep you updated with emails and phone calls – now, you’ll always have a birds-eye-view of what’s going on with your global hiring process.  

Additional services and looking ahead with Outstaffer

Of course, we still offer you and your global employees everything you need to thrive in a remote and distributed environment, including managed devices, employee monitoring, time and attendance tracking, and more. 

The launch of the Global Workforce Platform is just the beginning of things to come for Outstaffer. With this monumental leap, we’re beginning the transition toward being 100% SaaS and making it possible for companies to quickly and compliantly find, hire, equip and pay global talent. 

As a global EOR with a Global Workforce Platform, Outstaffer enables you to eliminate hiring borders and middlemen and scale your remote teams by enabling you to hire, equip and pay employees around the world quickly and compliantly.

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Oct 3, 2023

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