Health insurance

Benefits for your growing global team

Use to attract top talent and enhance employee experience by providing best-in-class health insurance worldwide

how it works

Offer your team fully equipped health insurance, designed for your global workforce

Our Global Benefits solution streamlines the process of providing consistent and comprehensive benefits to your team around the world. We handle administration and compliance across 175+ countries, allowing you to focus on backing your global team.

Compliant coverage everywhere

Locally compliant health insurance reduces your risk while supporting your people, no matter where they live and work.

No administrative burden

We handle all your global benefits administration so you don’t have to, eliminating complexity and increasing equitability for your people everywhere they work.

Robust and cost-effective

Ensure your people feel valued with top global benefits. No matter your size, get access to competitively priced premium health insurance,  promoting employee satisfaction and loyalty.


Seamlessly offer and manage global benefits

Say goodbye to coordinating with multiple health insurers country by country and the accompanying paperwork. allows you to choose and manage global benefits for your people seamlessly.

  • Streamlined and localised benefits workflows. From local in country benefits to health insurance with global coverage and more.

  • Select the best global benefit plan for your new hire. Offer local or global benefits with worldwide coverage including $0 deductible, dental, outpatient, screening, vaccines, vision and maternity with limits up to USD $1.5 million per annum.

  • Simplified benefits management. Managing different providers across multiple time zones is challenging. Use Outstaffer to empower your HR team to centralise your global benefits strategy and to make your people around the world feel valued and supported.

health insurance

A fully equipped health insurance, designed for your global workforce

Every country has a unique set of benefits requirements. Let Outstaffer handle this complexity for you. Our thorough and comprehensive benefits packages can help you attract top talent, enhance employee trust and make them feel secure and valued.

    why offer benefits

    Attract top talent, support your people and stay ahead of the pack

    Go beyond paychecks and statutory benefits by offering meaningful perks and support to enhance your teams quality of life. Our Global Benefits equips you with everything you need to reward workers, retain talent and stay ahead the competition in race for global talent

    Basic benefits aren’t enough

    For the majority of workers, supplemental benefits are not a luxury but a necessity: 66% say that extensive benefits packages are essential. (Source: MetLife)

    Quality of life is a primary concern

    Priorities are changing. While compensation remains important, workers are progressively centring on the well-being of themselves and their families.

    Top talent demands more

    Top talent is always in demand. Comprehensive benefits make you shine among employers, helping attract and retain the best people in critical roles.

    Automated SaaS Global WORKFORCE Platform

    Outstaffer makes it amazingly simple to find, hire, equip and pay global talent across borders compliantly. Ready to get started?

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