TALENT Fulfilment

Don’t let borders dictate
your hiring plan

Supported by Outstaffer AI, automated technology and a global talent pool of more than 800 million candidate profiles, we’ll find and match the best talent for your job.


The future of finding & hiring global talent, built by Outstaffer

Partnered with top recruitment teams from around the world, we make it amazingly simple to find and hire top global talent

Borderless hiring

Don’t limit your search to local talent, use Outstaffer to find and hire global talent compliantly across national borders without setting up your own legal entity abroad or using an outsourcer

Solve your talent shortages

Solve your talent shortages and fill vacant positions by leveraging our global talent pool of over 800M+ profiles with information from 45 tech platforms, including GitHub, AngelList, Kaggle and Stack Overflow

No placement, no fee policy

If you do not hire a candidate supplied by us, there are no obligations and no fees payable. We'll provide a 3-month candidate replacement guarantee on all successful placements


Post your job and watch your requisitions

Effortlessly post jobs, track requisitions, and streamline hiring processes with real-time updates and insights.

  • Craft brilliant job requisitions. Use Outstaffer AI to instantly generate compelling job descriptions with intelligent insights and precision.

  • Solve your skill shortages by accessing top global talent. Choose your preferred location to discover top candidates by country or region for your specific job role.

  • Send your job requisition to top recruitment teams. We'll source, screen, and present the best candidates for your review, all one unified platform.


Build job packages and offer perks to attract the best global talent

Hiring an employee in Malaysia is totally different to Australia or Singapore. That’s why our platform empowers you to build locally-compliant job packages, with or without perks, tailored to the needs potential hires and your business.

  • Build locally-compliant job packages. Include everything from salary ranges and performance-related bonuses to the number of vacation and sick leave.

  • Offer peaks and benefits. Offer health insurance or choose whether to include managed devices and/or a WeWork membership, our platform enables you to offer comprehensive benefits to help you attract and retain the best talent.

my jobs

Manage your jobs in one place

Our platform streamlines your hiring workflow, ensuring you maintain control over every step of the job requisition process.

  • Submit job requisitions to your manager. Approval workflows to ensure a streamlined process from job request to recruitment.

  • Manage your jobs in real time. View, edit, or cancel, while staying updated on approval status, location, start dates, and openings, ensuring all details align with your business needs.


Candidate lists curated just for you

Streamline your hiring process, review top-tier candidates, and engage with them effortlessly on a singular Global Workforce Platform.

  • Simplified Browsing Experience. Browse and review pre-screened candidates, submitted by our recruitment partners, matched to your job needs, all through a unified platform.

  • Efficient Candidate Management. Review, shortlist, interview, reject or hire candidates with one-click actions, while also maintaining insight into their status and history.

  • Streamlined Recruiter Communication. Eliminate the hassle of scattered emails by centralizing your interactions with recruiters, all directly associated with your active job openings.

candidate profiles

Candidate profiles

View your candidate profiles with data you need to quickly make an informed decision.

  • Review candidate profiles. View candidates, status, job history, resume and recruiter notes in an easy-to-use interface.

  • Change candidate status in one click. Decide to shortlist, interview, extend a job offer or reject your candidate.


Global Recruitment Partners

Meet our recruitment partners

How does Talent as a Service work?

Craft your job description
Build your job package
Submit your job requisition
Receive and select candidates
Hire & onboard your new employee

Step 1. Craft your job description

Use Outstaffer’s AI to generate compelling and brilliant job descriptions instantly, helping you attract top candidates with insightful and targeted role outlines.

Step 2. Build your job package

Craft job packages that are both locally compliant and uniquely tailored, ensuring you meet the needs of potential hires and your business, with or without additional perks.

Step 3. Submit your job requisition

Submit your requisitions to top, pre-vetted recruitment partners across the globe, ensuring your vacancies gain maximum exposure to a diverse pool of talent.

There is no obligation or costs unless we find the right candidate and you decide to hire them.

Step 4. Receive and select candidates

Browse pre-screened candidates from our recruitment partners on a unified platform, manage candidates with one-click actions, communicate seamlessly with recruiters, and access detailed candidate profiles and resumes and make an informed decision on who you want to hire.

Step 5. Hire & onboard your new employee

Use Outstaffer to quickly and compliantly hire and onboard your new employee in their resident country without setting up a legal entity abroad. 

Your new hire will be invited to our platform to onboard. Our platform securely collects all the needed information and performs automated ID and biometric verification to satisfy KYC requirements.

We’ll also handle the employment agreement, local compliance, payroll, taxes and benefits, HR admin & support and if you opted for any perks or benefits, health insurance enrolment, equipment and logistics and Workplaces membership.


Our customers see results

What would it mean to you if you could

reduce your
  • timeTime to Hire
  • dollerCost to Hire
  • timeOnboarding Time
  • dollerOpex Costs
  • timeAdmin Time
  • timePayroll Time
by up to
  • 15%
  • 10%
  • 12%
  • 24%
  • 20%
  • 30%
  • 12%

Reduce time to hire

Don’t let borders dictate your hiring plan. Meet your demand for top talent and fill skill shortages quickly

Reduce cost to hire

Maximize your recruitment budget and maintain candidate quality, leveraging global market salary variances to save up to 75% on recruitment fees

Reduce Opex cost

Reduce your business costs without compromising employee quality, leveraging global salary differences to save up to 75% on labor costs

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Outstaffer makes it amazingly simple to find, hire, equip and pay global talent across borders compliantly. Ready to get started?