International hiring made easy with Outstaffer.com

Quickly and compliantly hire talent from around the world. We make it simple for hiring managers to hit their targets without having to worry about payroll, taxes or compliance.


Don’t let borders dictate your hiring plan.

Whether you want to hire a developer from The Philippines or a salesperson from Australia - we have your back.


Find the best employees quickly with a global talent pool.

Say goodbye to skill shortages, lengthy hiring timelines and budget-busting recruitment tactics with direct access to the top talent from around the world. We connect you to your ideal candidates quickly so you can fill your open positions fast.


Save money and time by hiring vetted, international talent.

You pick the place, and we’ll find the talent. With our existing database of 200,000+ candidates and our local recruitment specialists, we track down top talent within your budget and target region and onboard them in minutes.


An established network of legal partnerships

Starting your own local entities is time-consuming and costly, so why not leave that to us? With our network of local entities, we’re able to hire and employ talent on your behalf., saving you money, time and hassle.


Don’t lose team members when they leave the country.

Our local entities let you retain your talent - no matter where they live. With the freedom to hire from anywhere, you have the power to hire and keep positions filled.


Distributed doesn’t have to mean disconnected.

With Outstaffer.com, your international employees stay connected to your team. We offer a localized experience by handling the payroll, taxes and compliance while your company still controls the day-to-day.

Employees with Outstaffer.com:

  • Are paid in their local currency, bi-monthly, on-time, every time
  • Receive all statutory benefits for their region
  • Get 24/7 support from our local experts

We’re local, so you don’t have to be

We have local entities in every country we offer employment services. Unlike other global employment solutions, we never work through third parties. As a result, you get greater transparency, expertise and flexibility.


Pay contract workers in 170+ countries

Contractors are an easy way to add more people to your team but they shouldn’t add more administrative overhead. Remote streamlines the contractor management process from compliance to payments.

  • Use compliant contracts adapted for local labor laws
  • Approve invoices in one click
  • Pay workers in more than 170 countries with zero hidden fees

Leverage international talent with ease


Avoid expensive compliance mistakes

We take care of everything to ensure you’re compliant with local requirements including taxes, social security, minimum wage, termination requirements and more.

Airtight Employment Contracts

We’ll handle all employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, data privacy consents and IP transfer. All our agreements are compliant with local laws and protect your business from unnecessary risk.

It's Our Liability, Not Yours

When you hire employees abroad with Outstaffer.com, we take on all employment liability to make sure you’re compliant with local laws.

Streamlined Documents

We collect all the tax, permit, clearance and compliance documents from your employees abroad to ensure your team are set up to work compliantly wherever they live.

Legal Protection

Local labor laws constantly change. We work with the best legal partners in countries around the world to keep every contract up-to-date quarterly.

Local HR Compliance

We provide ongoing HR administration and handle all HR related matters ensuring compliance with local labor laws and statutory requirements.


We’ll provide everything your team needs to work.

Managed Desktops, Unified Communications and Workforce Attendance, Monitoring & Tracking tools backed by enterprise security and support.

With Managed Work-From-Home by Outstaffer.com, we’ll physically protect your IP and enable your distributed team to work safely and securely.


Eliminate complexity without losing control

Simplify and stay in control without worrying about security.

You retain full ownership of your data and IP, and we keep them safe from attacks and unauthorized access with our Managed Devices, enterprise-grade security and two-step IP transfer process.  

From start to finish, we handle the hassle, and you retain what’s rightfully yours.  

We handle:
You retain:
  • Employee's IP
  • Invention rights
  • Control of day-to-day operations

Find and hire talent from around the world

We make growing remote and international teams simple and easy. Ready to get started?