VR Workplaces

The future is here. With VR Workplaces by Outstaffer.com, your distributed teams can Work-From-Anywhere together in the same virtual reality workplace.


Discover the benefits of Virtual Reality.

VR Workplaces by Outstaffer.com provides remarkable capabilities for working, collaboration, training and sharing experiences as a team despite distance.

Real-Time Collaboration

Put on a headset and instantly share a virtual workspace with your distributed team, in any location from around the world.

Huge Savings

Collaborate with your distributed team without the added costs of travel, in-person training and more.

Time Efficiencies

Maximize time together with screen sharing, virtual whiteboarding, virtual meetings and easy iteration.

Varied Perspectives

Enable your remote and international employees to learn soft skills and step into different viewpoints to develop insights and build empathy.

Innovative tools for immersive
working experiences


Work in VR with Multiple Monitors

Your remote and international employees can spawn up to 5 virtual monitors from our Managed Devices into our VR Workspace. Enable hyper focus for hours on end without any distractions.


Cowork together in our
VR Workplaces

Your distributed team can work together and communicate in real time within the same virtual workplace. Join your remote and international employees in VR to collaborate, coach or train your distributed team in real-time.


Share screens and collaborate in VR

Your remote and international employees can share as many screens as you'd like with you or their team. Great for collaboration, coaching and training.


Whiteboard with your distributed team in VR

Brainstorm ideas with your distributed team using a virtual whiteboard within the same virtual workplace.


VR Meetings

With Outstaffer.com, you can sit next to your distributed team from across the world in our VR meeting rooms. We enable your remote and international employees to collaborate and communicate with you and each other at no extra cost.


Tech specs

VR Category: All-in-one VR
Display Panel: Fast-switch LCD
Storage: 256GB
Tracking: Oculus Insight inside-out tracking
Audio: Integrated positional
Supported Usage Modes: Seated, standing, room scale
Input: Two Oculus Touch controllers plus hand tracking capabilities
Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ XR2 Platform
Glasses Friendly: Comfortable
to wear with glasses or RX inserts
Resolution: 1832x1920 per eye
Battery Life: ~2-3 hours
Software: Oculus for Business, Workplace & Device Management

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