Hire employees abroad without local entities

Hire employees in another country without the cost, time and admin. We handle the employment, onboarding, payroll, benefits, taxes and compliance so you can focus on building your business.


Experience the Outstaffer difference

HR infrastructure

Outstaffer owns local legal entities in all our covered countries so you can hire employees abroad compliantly with our Global EOR service.

Recruit without hassle

Focus on the person. Leave the recruitment and logistics to us. We will help you find the best talent for your budget and get them up and running.

Superior employee experience

From onboarding to offboarding, we give your employees the care and consideration they deserve.

Our people are your people

Let us be your local HR and IT team. We look after all HR and IT so you can focus on your business.

Compliance with local laws

We do the grunt work to understand local labor and tax laws so you don't have to.

Fair and transparent pricing

Our Fair Price Guarantee means you can say goodbye to marign or markups on employee salaries, 3rd party markups and hidden fees.

IP protection

We not only ensure you retain full ownership of your data & IP, we protect it on Outstaffer managed devices backed by enterprise-grade security.


Compare your options for hiring global talent

You have a few options when hiring abd. You can set up your own entity in another country, which requires experience and a large budget. Then, there’s outsourcing, which is complex, time-consuming and requires third-party vendors. Or, you could use Outstaffer.com, which reduces the costs, risks, and time involved in hiring employees while keeping you in control.

Use the chart below to compare the cost, time and effort between starting your own legal entity, outsourcing or partnering with us.

Hiring with Outstaffer.com
Own legal entities
From $297
per employee/month

with no long-term commitments or extra fees.
Over $100k
per location

depending on country requirements and ongoing administration.
Over $1600  
per employee/month
often with hidden fees and complex pricing structures with long-term commitments.
Onboarding in days
3-12 months depending on country
4 -12 weeks depending the outsourcing company.
24/7 support from our network of local HR, legal and finance experts
Find and manage your own HR, legal, finance experts to ensure compliance with local laws
You’re excluded from the administration. With no insight, you have to rely on the outsourcing company’s integrity.
Full visibility and control of your employees abroad
Complete responsibility for your local entity - including taxes, logistics and compliance
No control in the hiring, onboarding, security or day-to-day. You work through the outsourcer only.
We handle recruitment, employment, onboarding, payroll, benefits, taxes, compliance, technology, logistics and more to provide a super-simple experience
Requires strategic relationships and extensive expertise in local laws, taxes, culture and compliance. Complexity varies depending on the region.
Everything happens behind the scenes, so the pricing structure, recruitment process, onboarding and employee care are extremely convoluted.

We’ll find the right talent for your job

Enhance your workforce by hiring global talent and build the best team on the planet.

Our global recruitment team will leverage our extensive global talent bank and multiple digital channels to source, screen, interview and find you the right talent.


Access skills by hiring talent globally without opening an entity

To hire an employee in another country, you usually need to open a local entity. This takes a long time, costs a lot of money and creates ongoing admin as you navigate local benefits, payroll, taxes and compliance. Your business can also get into some trouble if you don't properly comply with local laws.

Through the Outstaffer Employer of Record (EOR) service, your team is legally employed by our local legal entity, but is dedicated to you. We handle the entire local employment process, taking care of onboarding, payroll, benefits, taxes, compliance, IP protection and HR, while the employee works for your buisness just like the rest of your team.


A exceptional onboarding experience.

Get your international staff onboarded quickly and seamlessly with help whenever they need it.

Whether you bring your own employee, recruit for a new role or get us to find talent for you. we’ll handle the entire hiring and onboarding process.

  • Dedicated onboarding specialist to manage the onboarding process

  • Welcome Kits to make your employees feel welcome and part of the your team

  • Employee Induction to give your international staff the best possible start


Offer a fantistic remote employee experience

Your people are your greatest asset - so you need to treat them that way. With Outstaffer, you can offer an engaging onboarding and employee experience designed to build your employer brand and keep your existing talent.

  • Offer best-in-class benefits in all our covered countries, including healthcare, life insurance, and custom perks

  • Improve team diversity and access the skill you need by hiring from a global talent pool

  • Reduce time-to-start with streamlined employee onboarding

  • 24/7 enterprise-grade support for employees


Payroll, taxes and benefits made easy

Reduce the time you spend on setting up local payroll and paying your global team. We take care of everything, so you can focus on your business.

We handle the payroll

Keep your people focused on your day-to-day business operations and let Outstaffer manage the payroll for your distributed team. Simply make one monthly bulk payment to Outstaffer.com in any of our supported currencies and we’ll handle the rest.

No markup or hidden fees

At Outstaffer.com, we don’t markup salary or charge hidden fees. You’ll pay your employee's salary at cost.

We handle taxes, statutory contributions and benefits

Leave the hard work to us. We’ll make sure the right amount taxes, pensions and any other statutory contributions is paid to the local government. We’ll also look after all employee benefits such as leave benefits and health insurance.

Your team get paid in their local currency, with no fees

Your employees will get paid in their local currency, in their local bank account. We don’t charge your employees any fees. We’ll also distribute their payslips after every pay cycle.


Avoid expensive compliance mistakes

We take care of everything to ensure you’re compliant with local requirements including taxes, social security, minimum wage, termination requirements, and more.

Airtight Employment Contracts

We’ll handle all employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, data privacy consents and IP transfer. All our agreements are compliant with local laws and protect your business from unnecessary risk.

It's Our Liability, Not Yours

When you hire employees abroad with Outstaffer.com, we take on all employment liability to make sure you’re compliant with local laws.

Streamlined Documents

We collect all the tax, permit, clearance and compliance documents from your employees abroad to ensure your team are set up to work compliantly wherever they live.

Legal Protection

Local labor laws constantly change. We work with the best legal partners in countries around the world to keep every contract up-to-date quarterly.

Local HR Compliance

We provide ongoing HR administration and handle all HR related matters ensuring compliance with local labor laws and statutory requirements.


We’ll provide everything your team needs to work.

Managed Desktops, Unified Communications and Workforce Attendance, Monitoring & Tracking tools backed by enterprise security and support.

With Managed Work-From-Anywhere by Outstaffer.com, we’ll physically protect your IP and enable your distributed team to work safely and securely.


Eliminate complexity without losing control

Simplify and stay in control without worrying about security.

You retain full ownership of your data and IP, and we keep them safe from attacks and unauthorized access with our Managed Devices, enterprise-grade security and two-step IP transfer process.  

From start to finish, we handle the hassle, and you retain what’s rightfully yours.  

We handle:
You retain:
  • Employee's IP
  • Invention rights
  • Control of day-to-day operations

Common Questions

What's an Employer of Record (EOR) ?

An Employer of Record (EOR), like Outstaffer, allows you to quickly hire an employee anywhere in the world without setting up a legal entity.

Essentially, Outstaffer has a local foothold in a country you want to hire in, so we can seamlessly hire an employee on your behalf. Say you're a US business, and you want to hire talent in Australia or the Philippines? Well, with an EOR, you can.

Once you onboard with Outstaffer, we'll take care of everything from recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and HR admin, so you are fully compliant to hire in all our covered countries. While the employee will legally be employed by Outstaffer and on our payroll as the EOR, they’re dedicated and report to you, just like any employee.

How do you handle benefits?

Each country has its own set of laws that set out the benefits they have to provide for employees. These range from health and unemployment to insurance and social security.

Outstaffer exists to ensure every employee receives all necessary localized benefits, along with any optional benefits you would like to provide.

How do you handle termination and severerence?

Handling severance and termination according to a country's local labor laws is crucial. These laws often vary a lot depending on an employee's location. Typically though, you always need to pay attention to the proper termination notice, severance payouts, and managing any accrued benefits like untaken vacation days. Outstaffer manages the entire process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

How do you deal with IP?

We have the strongest intellectual property protection clauses built into our contracts. This means that any and all IP passes through to you the customer.

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