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Automated Time & Attendance Tracking Software

Track time and attendance, see what your employees are working on, and simplify payroll and billing.

Clock In & Out with Ease

Automated time clock software accurately captures your remote and international employees time and attendance the moment they login to their Outstaffer supplied Managed Device.

Track Attendance in Real-time

You can verify your distributed team are working the hours they’re assigned and taking the breaks they need to perform at their best.

Verified Payroll

Our time and attendance software connects seamlessly with our payroll and billing systems to easily calculate hours worked.

Track Employee Time

Automatically Capture Every Minute of Employee Time

  • Automatically track employee time based on their computer activity when they log in and out of their devices.

  • Enable manual time via online time clock to give your team flexibility and capture missed time.

  • More accurately track time on projects and tasks across teams to better manage employee time and maximize ROI.


Gain a Complete View of Attendance in Real-time

Our attendance tracking software verifies when your remote and international employees work, what they’re working on, and gives you deep productivity insights.

  • Effortlessly track attendance by allowing employees to clock in and out manually with a single click or automatically when they login.

  • Track paid/unpaid breaks and time off to promote employee and team wellness and ensures employees are paid for their time on the clock.

  • Gain real-time insights via an intuitive dashboard that displays employee time, attendance and productivity in an actionable way.

Time Reports

Better UnderstandYour Team’s Time with Data-Rich Reports

Generate data-rich push-button reports anytime to see who worked when and track project progress and budgets.

  • Schedule reports to be automatically delivered via email, or export as a PDF, CSV or XLSX to see logged time.

  • Filter timesheets based on individuals, teams, and custom dates for in-depth data that helps you precisely understand company time.

  • See which tasks and projects take the most time to better allocate resources, quote clients and choose high ROI activities.

Manage Budgets

More Profitably Manage Time and Budgets

We seamlessly becomes a part of your financial systems to help you more accurately calculate billable hours, labor costs and payroll.

  • Easily export time and attendance data weekly, biweekly or monthly to run payroll based on your payment schedule.

  • Speed up payroll processes by easily using exported data as a natural part of most popular payroll systems.

  • Align employee hours and project costs with estimated costs for more accurate budgeting and enhanced profitability.

Made for Today’s Work from Anywhere World


Track time and attendance and always know what your employees are working on wherever they’re located.


Easily track time and attendance across teams as a natural part of your workflows.


Customizable to the Way Your Team Works

Whether your employees are full time, part time or casual, Insightful time and attendance tracker software is ready-made for the way your team works. It’s the best time and attendance tracking system for high-performing teams.

Incredibly easy to install on all operating systems

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