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Screen Monitoring Software for Enhanced Productivity & Accountability

Foster a more productive and efficient team with privacy-minded screen monitoring.Try the most effective screen recording app for free today.

Screen Monitoring that Keeps Your Team Aligned

Keep priorities aligned and focus in the right place with productivity-enhancing
screen monitoring software. Capture real-time screenshots, monitor app
and website usage, gain team-wide visibility, and more.

The Most Flexible Screen Recorder App

No two businesses are alike, that’s why we’ve built a customizable screen monitoring app you can tailor to your exact needs.

Privacy-Minded Employee Screen Monitoring Software

Enterprise-grade security and customizable privacy controls ensure your team’s sensitive data is always safe.

Fast, Simple Setup & Use

Insightful’s intuitive dashboard and lightweight screen recording app can be set up in no time with zero disruption to your workflows.

Real Time Insights

Clearly Understand What Your Team is Working on

Gain complete visibility into your team’s workloads in real-time – from anywhere.

  • Customizable screenshots let you see your team’s priorities at intervals of your choice.
  • Capture app and website usage to see which tools your team uses to get work done – and those that hinder productivity.
  • Real-time screen monitoring helps maintain focus and identify malicious or unwanted behavior.
Real Time Insights

Accurately Track Time Spent on Projects & Tasks

Effortlessly track time on tasks and projects so you can measure productivity and get more value from your time.

  • Provide proof of work for clients and employees and accurately bill for your time.

  • Timestamped screen monitoring captures let you see when your team members clock in and out.

  • Automated reports enable you to assess productivity and technology use over time and make adjustments to improve performance.

Used Daily By High-Performing Teams Everywhere

Our 130,000+ users at global companies consistently rate us as the best screen monitoring software.
Productivity and Efficiency

Enhance Productivity, Processes & Operational Efficiency

Improve how your team performs daily with a deeper understanding of how every part of your organization operates.

  • Improve workflows by identifying and removing bottlenecks with in-depth screen monitoring insights.
  • Measure process efficiency and implement change to drive incremental improvements over time.
  • View productivity levels in real-time, pinpoint blockers and model the behaviors of top team members.

Foster Team-Wide Accountability & Transparency

Create a culture of accountability and transparency to produce better work outcomes and enable more work flexibility.

  • Identify unbalanced workloads and risk of burnout to nurture a healthier work environment and employee wellbeing.

  • Discover coaching and upskilling opportunities to support employee performance and growth.

  • Use the employee login feature to give team members ownership of their productivity data and promote transparency.

Backed by the Gold Standard in Security

Multi-Certificate Security

Insightful data is AICPA SOC 2, ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant to protect against damaging data breaches.

Dual Data Encryption

Data is fully encrypted at rest with AES-256 and in transit via HTTPS, SSL, TLS 1.2 to deliver the most secure screen recording app.

On-Premise or in the Cloud

Secure your sensitive data via on-premise installation on your network or private cloud, secured by an advanced hashing algorithm.


Choose the Best Screen Recording Software for You

There’s no getting around it: Screen recording apps are a must-have in today’s increasingly remote work environments. But not all screen recording software is equal.

At Insightful, we take a different approach to screen monitoring software. Instead of simply capturing what happens on your employees’ devices, our screen recording app forms a more detailed picture of team performance. It clearly tells you what your team is working on, what makes them productive, and supports their wellbeing.

So, if you’re searching for a complete, easy-to-use and flexible app to screen record, then Insightful is just what you need.


Why thousands have chosen Insightful

Top Rated Solution

Used by 100,000+ users at global companies who consistently rate us as the best productivity and analytics solution.

Best-in-Class Support

Talk directly to real people from our dedicated support team anytime you need support. No infuriating bots.

Enterprise Grade Security

Enjoy unmatched security with encrypted data, multi-certificate compliance and secure installation on-premise or in the cloud.

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