Hire, pay and equip remote employees globally in a few clicks without opening an entity

Outstaffer is a Global Employer of Record & #WorkFromAnywhere technology company. Our platform enables you to hire, pay and equip remote employees globally in a few clicks without opening an entity.

Our vision is to enable every business to #HireFromEverywhere and every person on the planet to #WorkFromAnywhere.

Our mission is to enable business to overcome the limits of their local talent pool. We do this by building platforms that make it simple and easy to find, hire, pay and equip #TalentFromAnywhere compliantly.

Our entire team works remotely from many countries around the world, including Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Poland, Ukraine, the USA and many more. We believe that employees do their best work when they are free to choose where they want to work. This is why we only offer permanent #WorkFromHome to all our employees worldwide.


Our team leads progression.

Thomas Derum


Anne Acil


Vikram Mohite

Head of SALES

Greg Smith

Head of Marketing

Gina Nucom

Administration Manager

Pat Brady

Corporate Manager
Thomas Derum
Founder & CEO
Michael Locaso
Chief Operations Officer
Vikram Mohite
Chief Revenue Officer
Dave Kuhn
Chief Technology Officer
Daniel Dubois
Chief Financial Officer
Jason Serda
Non Executive Director


Trusted from across the world

#IP and Invention Rights

Eliminate complexity without, losing control

Simplify and stay in control without worrying about security.

You retain full ownership of your data and IP, and we keep them safe from attacks and unauthorized access with our Managed Desktops, enterprise-grade security and two-step IP transfer process.  

From start to finish, we handle the hassle, and you retain what’s rightfully yours.

We handle:
  • Recruitment
  • Security
  • Hiring
  • Unified Communications
  • Local compliance
  • Workforce Attendance
  • Payroll & Benefits
  • Workforce Monitoring
  • HR Administration
  • Workforce Tracking
  • Onboarding
  • HR & IT Support
  • Managed Desktops
You retain:
  • Employee's IP
  • Invention rights
  • Control of day-to-day operations
#Scale with Outstaffer

Our people are your people

Let us be your local HR and IT team on every continent. See the countries where Outstaffer can help you employ.


Experience the Outstaffer difference

HR infrastructure

Outstaffer owns local legal entities in all our covered countries to offer you the best service and protection.

Hire without hassle

Focus on the person and leave the recruitment and logistics to us. We will help you find the best talent for your budget and get them up an running.

Fantastic employee experience

From onboarding to offboarding, we give your employees a fantastic experience eitherway.

Amazingly simple pricing

Simple, transparent pricing with no hidden fees. You'll pay one flat recurring subscription for each employee.

IP protection

We not only ensure you retain full ownership of your data & IP, we protect it on Outstaffer managed devices backed by enterprise-grade security.

No minimum employee counts or lock in contracts

Hire 1 employee or 100 for a few months or a lifetime.

Find and hire talent from around the world

We make growing remote and international teams simple and easy. Ready to get started?