Leadership Team

Thomas Derum

Founder, CEO & Chairman

  • Thomas is a serial entrepreneur, founder and investor with a particular passion for startups, scaleups and tech businesses.

    While serving in Founder, CEO and COO roles across the BPO, telecom and tech sectors over 20 years across startups, SMEs and enterprises, he saw an opportunity to use technology to attack one of the biggest problems in the world - the global talent crunch. This insight led Thomas to create Outstaffer in 2020.

    Today, as CEO and Chairman, he leads Outstaffer on its mission to enable companies to overcome the limits of their local talent pool by building software that makes it amazingly simple to find, hire, equip and pay talented workers from around the world compliantly.

Michael Locaso

COO & Executive Director

  • Michael is an experienced Founder, CEO & COO, and investor, having founded and invested in a number of early-stage technology businesses over his career.

    Michael has a strong passion for building technology centric companies that are solving real-world problems.Michael joined Outstaffer 2022 as an investor and became its COO and Executive Director, taking a lead role in securing Outstaffer’s first funding round, and bringing in some of Australia’s leading VC firms and investors.

    Today, as COO and Executive Director, he leads Outstaffer’s global operations and responsible for overseas market entry to enable our customers to find, hire, equip and pay talented workers around the world compliantly.

Dave Kuhn


  • David Kuhn is a serial entrepreneur, digital product guru, hardcore software engineer and CTO with 20 years experience in the digital product landscape.

    With successful startups originating from both Sydney and Silicon Valley, David was the founding CTO for Spaceship, a millennial superannuation and investment platform with over $1.2B under management.

    David is also an expert in disruptive technologies shaping our world including cloud, mobile, big data, AI and blockchain.Dave joined Outstaffer in 2022 as its CTO, building from scratch our Global Workforce Platform. Today’s he leads our product, engineering and technology teams and is responsible for Outstaffer’s platform with a strong focus on reliability, security, data protection, compliance and user experience.

Josh Ayscough

Interim CRO

  • Josh is a multifaceted leader with proven success across government, non-profit, and startup sectors. Armed with a Psychology degree, Josh was a founding team member at Kinela, an NDIS startup, where he spearheaded growth from zero to 3,000+ customers, before joining an early stage health-tech platform (Mosh) leading the business alongside founders and investors and scaling the company from 7,000 to over 80,000 customers in just two years.

    An advocate for social and environmental impact, Josh also serves as the founder and managing director of Packaged, as well as being a Partner at Utiliti Ventures, a leading startup advisory and investment firm (as well as current Outstaffer Investor).

    Today at Outstaffer, as Interim CRO, Josh is responsible for Marketing, Global Sales and Customer Success.

Piyush Ramavat

Head of Engineering

  • Veteran full-stack engineer with a unique blend of deep technical expertise, management, and entrepreneurial experience.

    Piyush joined Outstaffer in 2023 heading the engineering team building the Outstaffer Global Workforce Platform.

    Success journey includes being a CTO for an e-prescription startup acquired by an international MedTech giant, as well as designing and implementing a sophisticated, multi-platform trading system for stocks, ETFs, and Cryptocurrencies also resulting in multi-million dollar acquisition by a FinTech giant.

    Piyush is also a member of the Australian Defence Force (reservist) with a well-developed sense of self-discipline, able to work in high-pressure situations.

Steve Waters

Head of Product

  • Steve is an experienced outcomes-focused leader of both product and project teams having spent close to two decades honing his craft of designing and delivering simple yet highly effective technology solutions.

    Steve has been involved with taking many paper ideas into fully operational products across multiple industries, with a highly empathetic approach to product management providing the user with an elegant engaging experience.

    Joining the Outstaffer team in 2023 Steve is working to take our SaaS Global Workforce Platform to the world supporting our customers by making it amazingly simple to find, hire, equip and pay talented workers from around the globe.

Jason Serda

Non-Executive Director

  • Jason is an accomplished serial entrepreneur and investor with a legacy of success, inspired early on by his business-savvy family. With numerous exits, he has a proven record in building and selling high-impact businesses.

    Jason has a depth of experience across technology led businesses, including a role as NTT's Global CTO for Services. Through these experiences Jason has developed a charter to access amazing people & fantastic businesses globally that brought and continues to bring unique opportunities such as Outstaffer.

    Jason is currently the Managing Partner of Utiliti Group, which includes Utiliti Ventures, multiple funds, Advisory & International.

    “I am privileged to be working with the team at Outstaffer and to support them to transform their industry and change how people do business”.

Board of advisors

John Poynton AO

Advisory Board Member

  • John is a company director and philanthropist and one of Perth’s most successful investment bankers and corporate advisors. John is an investor in Outstaffer and serves on our advisory board.

    John has more than 40 years of advisory and capital markets experience across equity, debt, infrastructure and property. In parallel with his career as an investment banker, John has also been an active non-executive director of ASX-listed companies, government and education bodies and not-for-profit organisations.

    John is Chair of Strike Energy Ltd, Deputy Chair of Sapien Cyber Ltd, and Non-Executive Director of Perth Airport. He is also a Director of the Future Fund Board of Guardians, Australia’s sovereign wealth fund.

    In 2006 John was the recipient of the WA Citizen of the Year Award in the Industry and Commerce category and in 2016, he was appointed as an Officer in the General Division of the Order of Australia

Ben Grabiner

Advisory Board Member

  • Ben is a General Partner and co-founder of Side Stage Ventures, a new founder-led seed fund backing the top 1% of founders in Australia. Side Stage Ventures is an investor in Outstaffer and Ben serves on our advisory board.

    Prior to Side Stage Ventures, Ben was a Co-Founder of Platoon, a creator platform that launched the careers of global talent such as Billie Eilish & Jorja Smith and was acquired by Apple in 2018.
    Prior to that, Ben was an investor at a leading UK-based venture fund, LocalGlobe.

    When not helping founders create and scale transformative companies, Ben can usually be found chasing his two toddlers around the park.

about us

Outstaffer’s Beginning

By solving how we could make it easier for companies to find, hire, equip and pay talented workers from around the world, we quickly realized we could not only help thousands of businesses around the world, but we could open the best jobs to everyone, no matter where they lived.

After helping 58 companies find, hire and equip over 250 people across 7 countries, we decided to use what we learnt and in 2022, we started building our SaaS Global Workforce Platform to scale and eliminate hiring borders and middlemen (outsourcers).

Today, Outstaffer is a SaaS Global Workforce Platform designed to allow companies of all sizes to tap into the global talent pool and scale remote working and distributed teams.

Our platform solves the complexities of giving full-time employment to anyone from around the world with no compliance risk, enabling companies to find and hire top talent, make locally compliant payroll, offer great employee benefits, and equip their remote employees with managed devices and the tools they need to work productively, safely and securely from anywhere.

#Our Investors

We’re backed by leading investors and VCs who believe in our mission

Outstaffer makes it amazing simple to find, hire, equip and pay global talent across borders compliantly. Outstaffer is a Global Employer of Record & #WorkFromAnywhere technology company. Our platform enables you to hire, pay and equip remote employees globally in a few clicks without opening an entity .

Our Investors

We’re backed by leading investors and VCs who believe in our mission

Automated SaaS Global WORKFORCE Platform

Outstaffer makes it amazingly simple to find, hire, equip and pay global talent across borders compliantly. Ready to get started?