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Start with one or consider building an entire Work-From-Home team within a department or division of your business. Here are some of the teams and common job roles that can be easily relocated to Work-From-Home staff in the Philippines


Outstaff different roles in various industries

Cost comparison saving are indicative and vary from AUD $30K to $90K per person per annum, depending on the role.

Job Role
Customer Support
Sales Specialist
Provisioning Specialist
Customer Service Representative
Technical Support Specialist
Billing Specialist
Credit Specialist
Customer Retention Specialist


What industry sector are you?

We support startups, early stage and small medium business across a range of industry sectors. No matter if you need one remote staff, a team or multiple divisions, we’re here to help grow your business.


Entrepreneurs & Start Ups

Financial Services & Insurance

Information Technology

Legal Services

Professional Services

Real Estate

Telecom & ISP’s


Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs

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Telecom & ISP’s

Accelerate your development workflow with cloneable interface elements and components.

Finance & Administration

Accelerate your development workflow with cloneable interface elements and components.

Real Estate

Accelerate your development workflow with cloneable interface elements and components.

Huge talent pool

With more than 41 million highly trained people in the workforce, the talent pool in the Philippines is deep and very rich.

You can outstaff just about any role that can be performed virtually via an internet connection – from customer support and sales staff to bookkeeps and programmers. And you can fill roles at levels from junior and intermediate right up to senior and management levels.

English is the official language

The Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking country in the world, with approximately 60 million English speakers.

English is one of the country’s two official national languages (the other being Tagalog ), so everyone learns it at school, and it’s the official language of government, the legal system and higher education.

Importantly, this is more than just a statistic. Filipinos don’t just speak English; they speak it very well. In fact, among cities where English is a second language, Manila ranks no.8 in the world for proficiency.

High standard of education

The Philippines boasts a 97.5% literacy rate, and more than 680,000 people graduate from university each year. (For context, Australia has approx. 300,000 graduates per year and the US has approximately 3 million.)

Cultural fit, loyal, honest & hard-working

As a former US colony with a 90% Christian population, the Philippines has a very ‘westernized’ culture. Its cities, office buildings, malls and restaurants all feel very familiar to most Americans and Australians. And because there’s no language barrier or real workplace differences, working with Filipinos feels almost identical to working with Americans or Australians.

Filipinos are also renowned for their loyalty and honesty, and for holding themselves accountable to their commitments. They value their jobs highly and tend to stay with good employers for longer than the average American or Australian employee.

Low cost of labor and living costs

Thanks to exceptionally low living costs in the Philippines, labor and occupancy expenses combined are approximately 70% lower than in Australia and the US, so you can drastically reduce your operational costs.

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