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Why Outstaffer?

We provide high-quality Work-From-Home staff in customer support, back-office and IT for remote virtual working with security and safeguards for a fraction of the cost of regular outsourcing.

" Our partnership with Outstaffer.com is instrumental to the way we operate our business. We increased our overall headcount by outstaffing our customer support roles which allowed us to focus on UX, product development and strategic work. "

Robert Lowe

Why partner with Outstaffer.com

Reduce costs and increase profits without compromise
Scale quickly and easily without the overheads
Increase quality and efficiency
Reduce costs and increase profits without compromise

With the rapid increase in globalization over the last decade, coupled with tremendous advancements in information technology, businesses are having to work smarter than ever to stay competitive and grow profits.

By partnering with Outstaffer.com, you can improve efficiency and service quality, while saving up to 75% on labor and operating costs.

That leaves you free to invest the difference where you can achieve the greatest return—maximizing your core offering through product research, innovation, marketing, increased production, business growth and market expansion.

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Scale quickly and easily without the overheads

When you grow your business locally, you have to invest a lot, up-front. Between infrastructure, software, office space, office fit-out and furniture, security, recruitment, support, IT and software licenses, the initial costs are usually so significant that scaling is a slow, incremental, iterative process, with no margin for error.

It’s also risky: what will you do with all those investments if you hit a rough patch and need to downsize again?

By partnering with Outstaffer.com, you don’t have to worry about any of those operational considerations. We handle them all. This means you don’t have to make a big up-front (CapEx) investment. Instead, the cost is all factored into our low monthly fee.

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Increase quality and efficiency

When your Work-From-Home team cares about the outcomes of their work, they’ll work harder and commit to continuous improvement.

Done right, using Work-From-Home staff can significantly improve your quality and efficiency. Discover how Outstaffer.com is different from what you probably think about outsourcing.

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Getting started with Outstaffer is easy

Give us a job description

Simply provide us with a job description or tell us what you need and we’ll create a job description for you.


We'll recruit for free

We’ll leverage our extensive talent bank to screen, interview and find the right talent and present you with a shortlist of high-quality candidates for you to interview.

Your staff reports to you

Tell us who you want us to hire and we'll get them up and running. While your Work-From-Home Staff are legally employed and managed by us, they’re dedicated and report to you from their home office.


We support your team

We’ll provide your Work-From-Home Staff with the tools, hardware, software and infrastructure backed by our enterprise grade support to enable your staff to Work-From-Home safely and securely for you.

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