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At Outstaffer, we pride ourselves on providing a workplace that supports everyone’s success. We believe that customers are the foundation of a successful business and we want to enable every team member to deliver moments of wow to them.

With Work-From-Home (WFH) the new norm, we provide the tools, hardware, infrastructure and 24/7 support to enable our employees to Work-From-Home safely and securely.

We are constantly on the lookout for smart and hard-working people who are passionate about their work, love being team players and like making customers happy. If this describes you, feel free to take a look at our openings below and apply!

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What we believe in and what we stand for

Happy “work” environment

The work we do doesn’t just pay the bills; it makes us happy. We choose career paths that play to our strengths and work together to make the office a collaborative, diverse environment.

Play as one team

We put Outstaffer and our clients first, over the team and individual, and take efforts to build genuine relationships with our colleagues. Disagreements are welcome as they help us uncover our blind spots and learn from different perspectives.

Take ownership

Our projects are ours to own; success or failure, we own what we do and take responsibility for our actions. When frustrations arise, we flip the switch and focus on solving the problem instead.

Practice craftsmanship

We strive to be world-class in everything we do. That’s why we sweat the details till we deliver stuff we’re proud to put our name on.

Take smart risks

We pursue ideas that help us find newer, better and faster ways to work. Some of these ideas might fail and that’s OK. We learn from the failures and move on.

Act with urgency

We’re focused on making quick decisions and executing fast. “How can this be done sooner?” is the mantra which we live by.

Alejandro Cortez

Outstaffer has a professional yet comfortable and friendly working environment. The company has the best interests of its employees at heart. When COVID-19 hit and most companies where still requiring their staff to work from the office, the management moved all employees to work from home and supplied PPE to my home for my entire family. We will now work from home forever! It feels like I'm being taken good care of. I really feel like it's my second home."


Join us and give back to the your community.

Outstaffer is a proud member of the Pledge 1% movement.

As a company, we contribute 1% of annual profits, 1% of company equity and 1% of employee time to charity.

As an Outstaffer employee, you’ll receives 3 days paid leave every year to volunteer at an approved charity in your local communities.

Join us and make a difference.

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