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Why is a win for your business
Finalise job description
You can provide us a job description or tell us what you need and we’ll create a job description for you.

Posting to job boards and our
talent bank
We'll publish your job to leading job boards and our talent bank of over 200,000 candidates automatically.

Receive applications
We use artificial intelligence to extract the most useful information from resumes and automatically score candidates.

Shortlist candidates for interview
We'll screen and shortlist the best candidates for interview.

Interview shortlisted
Using proprietary technology, we perform video interviews and collect video responses from candidates automatically.

Final candidate shortlist
Our recruitment team will screen each video interview and shortlist the best talent for your job.

Facilitate client interviews
We'll provide you our final shortlist and enable you to watch the video interviews. We can also facilitate a live video interview for you.

Job offer and negotiation
If you decide to hire a candidate, we'll work with you to finalise the salary package and negotiate the job offer with your selected candidate.

Home, reference & police checks
We perform police, background and reference checks and verify their identity and location of your selected candidate.

180 day replacement guarantee
If a candidate leaves the job within 180 days, we will find an appropriate replacement candidate and wont charge you a setup fee for the replacement.

PEO Services
Employment agreement
Your Work-From-Home will sign an employment agreement that set out the terms and conditions of the employment.
Non-disclosure agreement
Your Work-From-Home will sign a non-disclosure agreement to legally protect your confidential information and intellectual property.

Data privacy consent
Your Work-From-Home will sign a data privacy consent form to give their legally consent to use their personal information in their role.

Employment verification
We verify their prior employment and salary information.

Payroll & HR Setup
Your Work-From-Home staff will be setup in our Payroll and HR information system.

Private Health Insurance
Your Work-From-Home staff and their eligible dependants will be covered by our private health insurance policy.
Statutory benefits & tax
We're responsible for and look after all tax, retirement and statutory requirements for your Work-From-Home staff.
Provision access to IT Systems
Your Work-From-Home staff will receive access to our core IT systems and any other application that you require.
Issue Outstaffer ID
& employee number
Your Work-From-Home staff will receive an Outstaffer ID and employee number.
Employee induction
We induct all employee with our processes and policies.

Facilitate client orientation & training
We perform background and reference checks of staff.
Managed Desktop
Desktop Workstation
Your Work-From-Home staff will receive a Desktop Workstation owned and managed by
High Speed Internet
We'll arrange a high-speed fibre internet connection of up to 100 Mbps for your Work-From-Up staff.

Desktop Configuration
We'll configure our Desktop Workstation to safeguard security and productivity.
DaaS hosted securely by Outstaffer
Your Work-From-Home staff will use a Managed Desktop combined with secure cloud computing hosted on Microsoft Azure by
Deskop Field Delivery
We'll deliver and setup an configured and Managed Desktop to your Work-From-Home staff.

Desktop Security
We integrate security, compliance, and identity solutions built to work across our platforms and cloud environments.

Desktop Monitoring
We monitor our Managed Desktops and DaaS infrastructure to safeguard security and productivity.

Desktop Management
We provide unified endpoint management to secure, deploy and manage all users, apps and devices without description to existing processes.
User-Access Management
We provide unified identify management services to manage user identifies and access to apps and devices.
Enterpise-Grade Security
We provides comprehensive protection for your data with our enterprise-grade security and infrastructure.
Managed VoIP PBX
Core PBX with Free Calls +
Hosted Securely by Outstaffer
We utilise Amazon Web Service's Data Centres and provide a 99.95% update SLA.
Encrypted VoIP Security
Revolutionary VoIP Security with
A+ rating from SSL lab

Phone Extentions
You'll be allocated a phone number for you business and an extension for each Work-From-home staff member.
Free Local, National and Mobile Calls
Inbound and outbound calls to local, national and mobile numbers are free nationwide.
Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist
Our digital receptionist function can answer phone calls automatically and present callers with an Auto Attendant or IVR options menu.

iOS & Android Apps
You can download the 3CX App on iOS and Android for free and seamlessly take your business communications with you wherever you go.
3CX Web Client
We will configure and install the 3CX Web Client on each Managed Desktop to enable your Work-From-Home staff to make and receive calls.

Call Parking / Pickup
We offer the ability to park a call and for that call to be picked up from another extension.

Call Logging
All inbound and outbound calls are logged automatically.

Every phone extension includes a free voice mailbox.

Receive Voicemail via Email
Voicemail message will be delivered via email.

Click2Call Browser Extension
Use the 3CX Click2Call Browser Extension to dial numbers directly from apps or browser using the 3CX web client.

Add your in house staff +
All Features of Managed PBX
Add your in-house staff for only $30 extra per month each and get a complete Unified Communications platform and never worry about your phone system again.
Free Local, National and Mobile Calls
Slash your business phone bills as your in-house staff will also get free local, national and mobile calls nationwide.

Web Meeting +
Web Conferencing
Get a user-friendly, browser-based web conferencing with collaboration tools for free.
Create polls and surveys and use web meeting polling to poll meeting participants during a 3CX Web Meeting.
Screen Sharing
Share your screen or application with meeting participants in real time.

Remote Assistance
With Meeting Remote Control, you can connect and control another computer during the Web Meeting.
Use our online whiteboard to communicate and collaborate with your meeting participants.
Have up to 25 participants in your web meeting. Add the Call Centre Professional Licence to increase the number of participants to 100.
Live Chat +
Live Chat +
Get Live Chat for your website for free.

Click2Talk gives live support and assistance for your website visitors  enabling you to provide live help and support to visitors to increase sales.

Click2Meet is a unique URL that you can share with customers, partners or colleagues, just like your office phone number, for an easy and free way to contact you.

Click2Talk gives live support and assistance for your website visitors  enabling you to provide live help and support to visitors to increase sales.

Add Call Centre Professional Licence +
CRM Integration
Integrate popular CRM such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Zendesk, HubSpot and many more.
Call Queues
Don't miss a call. Setup call queues with advanced queue strategies such as Round Robin & Hunt by 3s.

Call Reports
Check service levels with reports such as wait time, abandoned calls, call back statistics and agent performance.
Call Recording

Record calls for legal and quality monitoring purposes.

Real Time Statistices
& Monitoring
Monitor queues and performance in real-time.
Supervisor Agent Status Override
We'll screen, interview and find the right talent for your job.

SLA Alerting
Setup SLA and get alerted when call queues breach SLA levels.
Manages incoming and outgoing calls using simple functions like drag and drop or just with mouse clicks.
Watch your calls and queues in real-time using the 3CX Wallboard.

Never miss a call using the call back option as overflow during busy times.

Call & Queue Reporting
Get Call and Queue Reports such as SLA statistics, agent performance, unanswered calls, abandoned calls, average talking time and much more.
Call Recording Transcription & Search
Create and search transcripts of call recording.

Barge in / Listen in / Whisper
Train staff during a live call with Barge in, Listen in and Whisper features.
Vociemail Transcription
Create transcripts of your voicemails.

Live Chat: SMS
Send and receive SMS from your business number.
Live Chat: Facebook Messaging
With 3CX Facebook and live chat integration you can save time, increase customer satisfaction and boost conversions.
Live Chat: Reports
Get Live Chat Reports such as agent performance, unanswered chats and much more.
Live Chat: Monitor/Whisper
Monitor agent chats and give them real-time suggestions and feedback.

Live Chat: Escalate Chat to Call
Escalate a chat to a call.

Enterprise Features +
Call Recording Control
Enable agents to control when a call recording is paused or stopped.
Inbuilt Failover
Get a standby replica of your Managed PBX VoIP to be used as an inbuild failover.
Custom IP Phone logo
Customizing your IP Phone with your own Logo Background.

Time & Attendance, Monitoring & Tracking
Workforce Monitoring +
Hosted securely by Outstaffer
Apps and website usage
Track which apps and websites your staff are using individually, as a team, or a company level.

Get random screenshots, or those triggered by Work-From-Home staff' suspicious or malicious activities.
Activities tracking
Look into your Work-From-Home staff' activity logs including active and idle time. Or review and approve manual logs.
Real-time monitoring
See what your Work-From-Home staff are up to anytime.

Time and attendance
Track Work-From-Home staff' attendance automatically.

Productivity tracking
Analyse productivity through insightful reports.

Productivity labelling
Label which apps and websites are productive.

Time keeping
Access data from up to one year ago.
Receive reports via email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Workforce Tracking +
Create and assign tasks
Create, assign and monitor tasks for your Work-From-Home staff.
Project management
Simplify project management and access all project data from one Kanban board.
Time on projects and tasks
Track time on each task to ensure that no deadlines are missed, and to optimize time spent on projects.
Activities tracking
Review active and idle time, or manual activities.
Ensure profitability of every project.
Care & Support
HR, IT and Ops staff support
We provide 24/7 support to your Work-From-Home staff for HR, IT and Ops to make sure they are able and ready to work.
Mobile field service
If we can't resolve a tech issue remotely, our field team will visit the home of your Work-From-Home staff and get them up and running.

Online Staff Events
We host regular staff events to promote teamwork, communication, leadership, fun, bonding and trust as happier staff always perform better at their job.
Daily team video calls
We perform daily video calls with your Work-From-Home staff before their shift to make sure they are able and ready to work.

We look after all payroll related matters such as payments, tax, benefits, administration and compliance.

HR team and compliance
We look after all HR related matters such as onboarding, attendance, payroll, policies, disciplinary actions, administration, performance management and compliance.

Medical support
Staff and approved dependants receive private hospital coverage, ambulance, annual physical, preventive care and much more.

We provide your Work-From-Home staff and approved dependants get 24/7 instant access to Nurses and Doctors for medical, dental and mental health counselling.

Lifestyle and wellness support
Staff and approved dependants receive lifestyle and wellness support.
VR Workplaces
Managed VR +
Business Oculus Quest 2 device
Your Work-From-Home staff will receive a Business Oculus Quest 2 device owned and managed by
Device configuration
We'll configure our Managed VR device to safeguard security and productivity.

Device field delivery
We'll deliver and setup our Managed VR device to your Work-From-Home staff.
Device monitoring
We monitor our Managed VR devices to safeguard security and productivity.

Device management
We provide unified endpoint management to secure, deploy and manage all users, apps and devices without disruption to existing processes.
User-access management
We provide unified identify management for user identification and access to apps and devices to safeguard security.

Enterprise-grade security
We provides comprehensive protection for your data with our enterprise-grade security and infrastructure.

VR Working +
Private VR Workspace
You and your Work-From-Home staff can work within private VR Workspaces.
Multiple Virtual monitors
Spawn up to 5 virtual monitors from our Managed Desktop into our VR Workplaces.

VR coworking rooms
You and your Work-From-Home staff can work together and communicate in real time within the same virtual workplace.
VR Multi-screen sharing
Your Work-From-Home staff can share as many screens as you'd like with you or within the team.
Virtual whiteboarding
Brainstorm ideas with your Work-From-Home staff using a virtual whiteboard within the same virtual workplace.
VR Meetings +
VR meeting rooms
Sit next to your Work-From-Home staff from across the world in our VR meeting rooms.
VR training rooms
Deliver real-time training from across the world in our VR meeting rooms.

Realistic life like interactive avatars
Create 3D-realistic avatars from a single selfie so you can talk, move and interact with your Work-From-Home staff in real-time.
Avatar audio and lip-syncing
Feel and hear real-life presence with avatar audio and lip-syncing.

VR white boarding and sticky notes
Use both white boards and sticky notes in our VR meeting rooms to communicate your ideas and collaborate.
VR presentation wall
Use our VR presentation wall to showcase your content in our VR meeting rooms.
VR screen share
Screenshare any app or windows from our Managed Desktops in our VR meeting rooms.
Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, Slack and Figma integration
Connect to Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, Slack and Figma to bring content into our VR meeting rooms.
VR Social +
VR social rooms
We provide staff with access to VR social rooms where they can chat, play games and have fun together.
Add in house staff to VR Workplaces +
VR Workplaces
Give access to your in-house staff to our VR Workplaces and get all the same VR Working and Meeting features.
VR social rooms
Enable both your in-house and Work-From-Home staff to interact and socialise together.

Client Support
Access to knowledge base & online support
We provide 24/7 access to our knowledge base and online support.
Email support
We'll provide email support to resolve any staff support, technical support, change requests and more.
Phone support
We'll provide phone support to resolve any staff support, technical support, change requests and more.
Customer success manager
We will allocate a customer success manager to help you succeed and get the best result from our services.
Remote assistance
We provide remote assistance to resolve software, device or platform issue.
Priority support
If you have subscribed to our enterprise plan, you will get dedicated 24/7 priority support. powers businesses of all sizes.

Michael Wilson
Starting with a small team of 3, we have grown to 10 team members and have gone from strength to strength. The staff are high quality, professional and hard working. We could not have scaled our business without
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